Aligning Your Marketing KPIs and Sales Targets

A killer marketing strategy that drives return on investment can only truly thrive when it has buy-in from both your sales and your marketing team. It’s crucial that marketing KPIs and sales targets are aligned with the results you’re looking to achieve.

We often see a disconnect between the sales and marketing teams within companies that looks a little like this:

Marketing: We’re creative and strongly believe you can’t put a price on building a brand. We’re storytellers and we know our customers love our approach. Data? Well, we’re not analysts. We deal with data and campaign lists but really sales should handle it. Don’t you think? They’re the ones who need to be all over their accounts and tell us what they need. We’re not mind readers you know.”

Sales: It’s all fluff, we don’t use what marketing provide. We make our own deals because the leads they give us never go anywhere. We don’t spend much time upselling or growing accounts, that’s just a time thing though. You know how it is, sometimes you just have to move on to the next big-ticket deal. You’ve got to work smart and go after the big fish and low-hanging fruit.”

When the sales and marketing teams aren’t working together in harmony it’s typically because they exist in silos and whilst they may think they both have the same goal – there’s no strategy that unites both their efforts in place. Not only does this result in frustrations from both teams but it also holds back your business.


  • Leads aren’t delivered using any given or proven strategy: Even if your campaigns are generating leads, having no clear funnel or strategy in place makes it hard to quantify where they came from and what’s working best.
  • Existing relationships and success aren’t being leveraged: Marketing and sales aren’t working together to nurture existing accounts, client relationships or building upon past success, limiting further growth opportunities.
  • Channels aren’t optimised: Ownership and accountability of the channels you use to market to prospects and nurture leads within both teams are murky at best and end up not being optimised for each stage of the customer journey. I.e., your marketing team thinks that sales should look after existing customers entirely, but your sales team needs marketing materials to help this process.

What’s the solution?

Whether it’s your overarching marketing strategy for the whole company or on a campaign-by-campaign basis – the key to uniting your sales and marketing team involves setting clearly defined goals and both teams using their expertise to outline how they plan to reach them together.

How to align your marketing KPIs and sales targets:

  • Define the end goal for the campaign or overall marketing strategy first. I.e., ‘generate X amount of revenue’ or ‘get X new leads’
  • Have a meeting between the two teams to optimise every point in the customer journey. Discuss who you’ll be targeting, what channels are best to do this, and which teams or individuals will take ownership for creating any material needed for each stage.
  • It can also be helpful to set targets at the start of the campaign for each team. I.e., ‘marketing is responsible for delivering X number of qualified leads by this date, and the sales team are responsible for following them up using these channels’.
  • Have regular check-ins between the teams to track progress, feedback and make any adjustments needed to optimise each team’s efforts in the face of the common goal
  • Celebrate your wins together – whether it’s an ad campaign that has generated lots of leads or a host of existing accounts have been successfully upsold, recognise the team effort and delight in it together!
  • Similarly, if a campaign hasn’t had the desired effect, rather than playing the blame game, think about what you can learn as a collective from the data and how you can improve for next time

Your marketing KPIs and sales targets should go hand-in-hand and ultimately be fixated on achieving return on investment. A killer marketing strategy provides the blueprint of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it and involves analysing your business as well as getting SMART with your targets and not taking any prisoners.

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