A little background

E.ON had recognised that their average sales cycle was very long, typically 1-2 years for some of their highest revenue B2B products and services. When working towards driving sales over the line, internally, they were finding this cycle challenging and time consuming to manage.

Aware that to improve their sales conversion rate they would need to nurture their prospects through the longer sales cycle, they looked for an external partner to help. They needed a partner who could provide guidance on creating a campaign which would generate opportunities and nurture prospects through the buyer journey to assist with their ongoing sales conversions. When partnering with an external marketing and sales provider, it was essential that the outsourced team were disciplined when following their brand guidelines and recognisable tone of voice.

Their success so far has always been a result of their ability to build a strong brand image that is green, innovative and interconnected across a range of service solutions, therefore, it was key that they worked with a partner who understood this collaborative approach and could build upon this heritage.

Our approach

A key driver which encouraged this company to work with Roots to Market was Roots’ experience of working collaboratively with their sister company, Air Marketing, a full cycle sales and acquisition partner.

Holding strong emphasis on aligning their marketing and sales strategy, this company wanted to increase their opportunities and nurture those prospects who were coming into their sales funnel. As a result, Roots worked with Air Marketing to implement a two-prong approach.

Beginning a telemarketing campaign with Air Marketing, Roots ran a drip and nurture email campaign that would further warm the leads being called by Air. These emails were topical to the clean energy movement and addressed real pain-points, which Air had already uncovered as being relevant among the prospects being contacted.

In order to implement these campaigns, Roots:

  • Held in-depth discussions with the E.ON Solutions Team to establish exactly what areas of their business needed more opportunities fed into their funnel.
  • Researched the current climate and gathered information on issues experienced amongst prospects who are with other providers, research supported by Air’s conversations.
  • Familiarised themselves with their clients’ brand and utilised their internal hub so content creation was topical, and the HTML design was uniform to the brands universal image.
  • Wrote the copy for multiple emails which were A/B tested to maximise the success of the overall campaign.
  • Setup campaign automated triggers to further nurture prospects on their journey.
  • Cleansed data by passing opened, clicked and bounced contacts to Air for further calling.
  • Compiled detailed reporting of the outcomes of the email campaigns, so that prospects could be prioritise dependant on their engagement and learnings could be shared for replication in the future.

The results

E.ON was so happy with the results from the aligned sales and marketing approach that they continued to use this strategy over 9 individual data sets. Roots also worked with E.ON’s internal data outside of the initial campaign to help with further nurturing, which was then passed back internally to call on.

The collaborative approach from Roots really helped to ensure the campaigns success. Each email sent was able to support the telemarketing campaign, with every ‘warm lead’ identified based on their engagement within the emails, the Group were able to prioritise the most qualified opportunities when calling to grow their clients’ business.

Collecting the results across each data set:

prospects engaged with the emails sent
warm leads identified
open opportunities created