A little background

Optimal Measures helps organisations in every industry to grasp their full business potential by providing powerful solutions that leverage the power of human nature. Ahead of their launch in 2018, they needed a complete marketing solution and were looking for someone who could help them develop a brand, build a website, implement a social media strategy and promote them through various magazine and press outlets. They needed an engaging brand and website that would generate interest in their tools, alongside a content marketing plan to build their brand.  

Our approach

Preparing for launch

Optimal Measures approached Roots to help as we were already working with one of their partners, Performance Climate System Ltd (PCSL). As an initial step, they opted to follow a similar marketing strategy to their partner, adapting it to suit the US market. 

We started from the ground up – firstly focusing on developing a logo and brand colours, developing a modern and professional website, setting up social media channels, and liaising with press contacts in the US to establish and promote their brand. The delivery plan also included: 

  • Personal Brand Management
  • Blogging
  • Social media management
  • Advertising
  • Coordination of events
  • Visual and video content

The results

A successful launch and a lasting partnership

After a successful launch, we continue to work with Optimal Measures to ensure their marketing efforts remain targeted, consistent and measurable. We continue to be focused on marketing strategy and consultation, content marketing activity, personal LinkedIn management and delivery for the Founder & CEO, website development and maintenance of digital presence.

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