A little background

The Play Company (previously known as PAHS) is the UK’s leading soft play and maintenance cleaning company; they’ve grown to offer a broad range of cleaning services to professional COVID cleaning and outdoor playground design and installation.  

The Play Company knew they needed to redesign and relaunch their ecommerce website. They required a contemporary design with a modern, sleek and professional look and a much-improved user experience, differentiating The Play Company from competitors.  

A key driver for developing a new site was their growing online presence and engagement on other digital platforms. Their Director, Elliot Myatt, was consistently publishing video content on LinkedIn, demonstrating The Play Company’s progression and growth as a business and their customer-first approach. They needed a website aligned with this messaging that would encourage traffic, conversions, requests for consultations, further information and ecommerce sales.  

They also hoped that offering their customers the ability to purchase services through their site would beat the competition in this competitive industry.  

Our approach

A modern look for an established brand 

Having already worked with Roots to Market on a previous design project, The Play Company approached us for help and guidance. Our team held research and design meetings with The Play Company to understand and establish essential product and service information, differentiators, customer needs and buying processes. We understood that maintaining their established branding was a vital consideration, so our developers and designers worked creatively to weave the The Play Company’s bold and engaging colours into a modern, professional design. 

We also worked with The Play Company to overhaul their online shop to offer a seamless customer experience. Our team liaised with The Play Company to format multiple product spreadsheets to ensure that the shop ran smoothly and contained all the bespoke, standard and available to order play area equipment that The Play Company either source or create in-house. 

The results

A more engaging user experience

The project was delivered over seven months in total, as both parties wanted to ensure a meticulously planned website that met the brief of being professional and user-friendly. The Roots team became a valuable source of knowledge for The Play Company, advising on everything from website imagery to GDPR compliance related to e-commerce.  

Working alongside The Play Company’s outsourced SEO specialists, Roots redirected all traffic from the previous site and fully optimised the new site for search. 

Within the first month of launching the website, the analytics were already demonstrating a more engaging user experience: 

+ 0 %
Users increased
0 %
Page sessions increased
0 %
Session durations increased
- 0 %
Bounce rate has decreased