What it means to you, to work with a HubSpot Solutions Partner marketing agency?

Last month Roots became an official HubSpot Solutions Partner. Our team were very excited because for an ambitious start-up like Roots, we love the idea of being affiliated with such a huge, successful brand. 

But – what’s the benefit of this new affiliation to our prospects and clients? Because ultimately, they are more important than just a great new title. 

We completely agree, we are not the sort of agency that runs after fluffy titles and affiliations just to make us sound good. In fact, that is the exact thing that we advise our clients not to do, so we certainly wouldn’t be doing it ourselves. As part of our partnership discussions with HubSpot, we did a lot of our own exploration to fully understand what this partnership will mean for our prospects and client base. 

So, what does it mean? 

The biggest and most obvious benefit is accessing HubSpot. There are many, many different CRM systems available on the market but there are very few at sensible price points for B2B businesses that allow marketing, sales, service, and IT teams to collaborate, removing friction from the buyer’s journey. HubSpot use inbound as a methodology for growing your organisation. It’s based on building meaningful, lasting relationships with your prospects and customers through valuable content and experiences. It’s also about valuing and empowering these people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you. 

Alongside this inbound methodology, the other big benefit is having all touchpoints under one roof creating ‘one version of the truth’. By this we mean that many businesses fall into a similar situation where – sales use the CRM (when they remember), marketing are working from that CRM but also from an emailing platform, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google AdWords, WordPress etc and service or Account Managers are using spreadsheets or another separate system to manage clients/customers.  

This structure means that data is stored in many different platforms so you may not see a clear picture of your prospects or clients/customers – not being able to see a clear picture means you’re restricted in making overall decisions on customer journey, touchpoints, marketing success because your data points are not joined up. Whereas, getting all this data within one platform opens up huge opportunities to understand more about your customer journey, your marketing and sales touchpoints and the ability to pull reports on this data to better understand and compare it.

Lead generation with HubSpotImage courtesy of HubSpot. 

As HubSpot Partners we are constantly understanding more efficient and effective ways to manage your marketing within this platform. This means that we are focused on crafting programmes of marketing activity which is entirely focused on delivering results aligned to your objectives. Utilising the HubSpot platform to deliver, optimise and transparently report on this activity. This is something that Roots has been passionate about since it’s inception but partnering with a piece of technology that enables us to achieve this more efficiently is of huge benefit to our prospects and clients. 

Do you now have to use HubSpot to work with us? 

In short the answer is no. We are always open to working with clients who use other CRM systems or are launching themselves so have CRM in place. But it will always be our recommendation to have a system, like HubSpot, that allows all your data to be kept in one place to make our marketing efforts and your marketing investment more efficient to deliver success. 

If you are looking for guidance on your marketing strategy or activity, or you’d like to discuss HubSpot as a CRM for your business, get in touch today to find out more. Call us on: 01392 796702.

#TeamRoots have moved!

After a whirlwind of a week #TeamRoots is now up and running in our lovely new office, raring and ready to go, helping our clients accelerate their businesses.

#TeamRoots is so happy to still be sharing the space with our sister company, Air Marketing, whose successes over the past two and a half years have given us endless amounts of inspiration. After starting in May of this year (2018), we’re now actively working with 10 brilliant clients and always looking to work with more.

Starting with only one member of staff we now have four full time staff who are all creative, driven and dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients.

Moving from Queen Street to The Forum has been an exciting new chapter in our story, with a bigger space and more people around us, our potential to grow is limitless. And, to top it all off, we’ve even got office deck chairs (complete with a faux grass garden) and there’s talk of a giant Jenga set!

If you fancy coming to have a look around our new home, or chat to us about how we could help you with your marketing please pop in and see us. Or you can give us a call: 01392 796 702 or email: contact@roots2market.co.uk

Roots to Market have launched!

We are delighted to launch Roots to Market, a new sister company to Air Marketing Group.

Air has seen exponential growth in the 2 years since their launch in 2016 and their ever-growing client base were often looking for other marketing services that could be provided to them within the group. Sensing a fantastic opportunity to help their clients with the full marketing and sales demand creation process, Roots to Market was born.

Verity Wootton, joined the Air team in January to head up the launch of this new company. Verity is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and has worked in both agency and in-house marketing teams for recognisable brands. Verity strives on developing commercially savvy marketing strategies and campaigns and seeing the impact that they make on a business.

Roots to Market is a full service marketing partner, giving their clients access to a whole range of marketing services under one roof. Whether clients are looking for assistance and guidance from scratch or require help executing activity against a strategy – Roots to Market can help clients achieve their aims.

The Roots to Market team are focused on delivering scientifically devised marketing carried out creatively. As an outsourced marketing partner, they are able to offer client’s scalable flexibility, the ability to test new ideas, dive into data and really understand what works for customers, and much more.

“We are delighted to see Roots to Market officially launch. A number of our Air clients have already started working with Verity and her team and have been delighted that we are now able to offer these services all within one group. I am extremely excited about being able to offer full marketing and sales demand creation to our clients.” Owen Richards, MD of Air Marketing Group.

To find out more about Roots to Market take a look at our website or get in touch to find out how we could help you on 01392 796702.